Tierra Farm is a certified organic manufacturer and distributor of dried fruits and nuts produced in a peanut-free environment using solar power. Their customers consist primarily of independent and cooperative-owned grocery stores that value working with environmentally conscious companies that manufacture their own products. However, there is an online store where retail-sized products can be purchased.

At Tierra Farm, they are dedicated to the organic way of life, nurturing the land and the body. This dedication is evident in their exclusive handling and sale of over 100 certified organic products. All roasting, mixing, and flavoring are in-house in a certified organic, peanut-free roasting and processing facility. They take pride in offering a diverse range of the highest-quality organic nuts, seeds, fruits, butter, mixes, fair-trade coffee, and chocolate.

They have strived to maintain the organic and wholesome integrity of all their products and have attained Certification from the following credentialing organizations:


Selections From The Tierra Farm Organic Products

Organic Raw California Almonds
Organic Roasted Maple Glazed Almonds
Organic Roasted Garlic Almonds
Organic Raw Brazil Nuts
Organic Raw Walnuts
Organic Roasted Maple Cinnamon Walnuts
Organic Raw Hazelnuts
Organic Roasted Cajun Cashews
Organic Roasted Everything Bagel Cashews
Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews
Organic Roasted Salted Pistachio Meats
Organic Roasted Unsalted Pistachios In-Shell
Organic Salted Mixed Nuts
Organic Colombian Coffee
Organic Nicaraguan Coffee
Organic Premium Espresso Blend Coffee
Organic Roasted Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Roasted Unsalted Sunflower Seeds
Organic Dried Pineapple Rings
Organic Date Coconut Rolls
Organic Dried Mango
Organic Medjool Dates
Organic Zante Currants
Organic Dried Wild Blueberries
Organic White Turkish Figs
Organic Dried Apple Rings
Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger
Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries
Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins
Organic Pistachio Cranberry Bark
Organic Cinnamon Maple Granola
Organic Triple Berry Granola
Organic Black Chai Tea
Organic Decaf Earl Grey Tea
Organic Irish Breakfast Tea
Organic Allspice
Organic Cajun Seasoning
Organic Ground Cinnamon

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