WholeyOats Granola produces all natural granola hand baked in small batches each week  Absolutely the freshest granola and granola bars in the Hudson Valley.

Everything that WholeyOats Granola uses in their products are raw ingredients. Then clean sugars like maple syrup and honey are added to sweeten the granola and granola bars. Whole grain raw outs, oat bran, flaxseed meal, almonds, walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin (pepitas) seeds are all mixed together and baked. The nuts and seeds are high in good fats as well as being an excellent source of protein. The oats and grains used are all excellent sources of fiber and protein.

WholeyOats Granola combined with your favorite low-fat/non-fat yogurt and a drizzle of honey on top is the perfect breakfast, lunch, or afternoon snack.

Current granola varieties from WholeyOats Granola:

Maple Nut (plain & simple, just yummy)
Fruits & Nuts (dried blueberries, cherries & cranberries)
Dried Cherries & Chocolate (a small of amount of chocolate is shaved over the warm granola to add a touch of yum!)

Granola bar varieties from WholeyOats Granola:

Cranberry Almond
Chocolate Coconut Almond
Blueberry Lemon Almond
Apple Walnut