Wild Hive Farm was founded to promote sustainable agriculture in the Hudson Valley through grain based local agriculture. Our activities include the Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project where we stone mill Wild Hive Flours at our flour mill in Clinton Corners, NY.

We use this fresh, organic flour to make Wild Hive Breads and Baked Goods. Other bakers also appreciate the freshness and flavor of our flours and use it to create their own high quality products.

At Wild Hive Farm we stone grind fresh each week, so you get the 100% of the germ and the full nutritional value and flavor.

Wild Hive Farm Organic Products

Alternative Grains & Flower
Cracked Sprouted Wheat
Pasta Flour
Sourdough Starter – 2 oz.
Sprouted Wheat Flour
Whole Grain Emmer Flour
Yeast, Baker’s Instant Dry

Black Turtle Beans
Black Beans are an excellent source of protein.
Cannellini Beans
Cranberry Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Kidney Beans

Multi Grain Flour
Multi Grain Hot Cereal
Wild Hive Baguette Special Blend
Yeast, Baker’s Instant Dry

Stone Ground Corn Flour
Stone Ground Fine Cornmeal
Stone Ground Polenta
Whole Corn Kernels

Hard Red Spring Wheat
Hard Red Bread Flour
A fine and silky grind with a robust flavor.
Hard Wheat Kernels
Wheat Bran
Whole Wheat Bread flour

Scottish Oats
Whole Grain Oat Flour
Whole Live Oats

Whole Grain Rye Chops
Wholemeal Rye

Soft Winter Wheat
Whole Wheat All Purpose Flour
Wholemeal White

Spelt Berries
Whole Grain Spelt Flour