Fresh Company Catering combines the comfort and generosity of home cooking with the sophistication and experimentation of restaurant cuisine.

Fresh Company crafts every event individually. Whether it’s a grand wedding, a company lunch, a fundraiser, or an intimate dinner party, They tailor the components to suit each client. From designing a menu to sourcing ingredients, the focus is on what you, the client, desire. So whether you want squab with wild mushrooms or a locally farmed grass-fed burger, it will be the best and it will be exactly what you wanted.


Selections from the various Fresh Company Menus:

  • Bronze fennel & mustard sauce, kasha & pumpkin seed crunch
  • Pork & chive dumplings
  • Sansotta Brothers mozzarella with sautéed escarole & garlic
  • Chicken liver crostini with tiny diced carrot
  • Braised boneless beef shanks with spring onions, red wine & mushrooms
  • Arctic char with radish, mint, lemon & red onion salsa
  • Cut-up, roasted whole chicken with cilantro, lime, garlic & honey
  • Rigatoni with roasted peppers, arugula, pine nuts, saffron & lemon zest
  • Black cod with eggplant, cream & Thai basil
  • Chorizo & butternut squash with cilantro & cheese on toasted cornbread
  • Trout filets with bacon, toasted cornbread crumbs & parsley salad
  • Braised, chopped pork shoulder with garlic, star-anise & rosemary
  • Moroccan seven-vegetable stew
  • Buckwheat blintz filled with ricotta, honey & calvados soaked prunes (vegetarian option)
  • Warm cornmeal pudding parfait with whiskey custard sauce & caramelized apple