Cho Cho San Sushi Bar has perfected the art of seafood and sushi preparation. If you wanted seafood any fresher, you would have to catch it yourself!

Located at the South Middetown and Old Middletown Junction in Nanuet, NY, Cho Cho San Sushi is a new and exciting Japanesse restaurant featuring the most authentic Sushi, Hibachi and Tempura for both Dining in and Take Out.

Cho Cho San Sushi Bar offers a lively atmosphere, excellent service and most important, sushi that melts in your mouth and a Japanese seafood menu you won’t soon forget. We invite you to come experience classic sushi served the way it’s supposed to be.


Selections from the Cho Cho San Sushi Bar Menu:

  • Sunomono – Assorted seafood and cucumber w. sweet vinegar sauce
  • Avocado Bomb – Crunchy avocado, spicy tuna w. Japanese purple yam
  • Tuna Lobster – Thin slice tuna wrapped around with lobster salad
  • Sushi Pizza – Choice of tuna or salmon, crispy tortilla w. onion, tomato, avocado on top
  • Gyoza Pork or Veg. – Pan fried pork / vegetable dumpling
  • Chicken Lettuce – Spicy chicken, shitaki mushroom, pepper and celery in lettuce wrap
  • Crispy Duck Roll – Scallion pancake wrapped w. roast duck, spring mix, served w. katsu sauce
  • Calamari Salad – Crispy calamari, spring mix, mango salsa
  • House Maki – Salmon, white fish, avocado, spicy sauce
  • Rainbow Roll (8 pcs) – Crab, avocado, cucumber inside, top w. tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado
  • Spider Roll – Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, tobiko & scallion
  • Vegetable Dragon Roll – Sweet potato, asparagus, topped w. avocado
  • Chirashi – Assorted fish on top of sushi rice
  • Princess Roll – Crunchy shrimp tempura and topped w. avocado
  • Pink Roll – Salmon jalapeno avocado inside, crab and masago on top
  • Summer Roll – Tuna, salmon, white fish w. kani on the top, served spicy sauce & crunch
  • Fire Work Roll (Panko Fried) – Spicy tuna, crab, eel, cucumber, avocado, mozzarella cheese
  • Chicken Combination Hibachi – w. choice of shrimp or salmon or scallop or steak
  • Seafood Combo Hibachi – Shrimp, scallop, salmon & lobster
  • Nabeyaki Udon / Soba – Chicken vegetable soup w. shrimp tempura & steam eggs
  • Chicken Rice Bowl – Plain grilled chicken, white rice with teriyaki sauce