Noble Coffee Roasters focuses on providing a genuine friendly atmosphere while serving the best coffee, pastries, and lunch items around.

The atmosphere in the cafe is warm and inviting to our customers. Whether you are a wholesale customer, or just looking for a great cup of coffee, stop in and experience our “Pride and Excellence in Every Cup.”

Noble Coffee Roasters was founded in 1982 by Jack Deckaj under the name Liberty House Coffee. From very humble beginnings, the company has grown with the help from its loyal customers and the dedication of its employees, into the premier coffee company of the Hudson Valley region.



House Coffee – Albanian – Americana – Cafe Au Lait – Café Latte – Café Mocha – Cappuccino – Espresso –
Press Pot

Selections from the Noble Coffee Roasters Cafe Menu:

  • Steak, Egg & Monterey Jack Wrap – with Camelized Onion, Tomato, and Barbecue sauce
  • Sourdough French Toast – with cinnamon Honey Butter & Maple syrup
  • Spinach Pita – Filo dough filled with Spinach and Feta Cheese
  • Tuna or Chicken Salad Sandwich – Served on wholewheat or a Croissant
  • Grilled Cheese – with bacon and tomato
  • Low Fat Turkey Wrap – served with carrot slaw

Items from the Noble Coffee Roasters Bakery:

    • Cherry Nut Delight Cookie – Cherries, Macadamia nuts, white and milk chocolate chips
    • Almond Horns – This macaroon type dough is rolled in sliced almonds for a double tasty treat!
    • Biscotti – Crisp Italian cookies that dunk so well in your coffee.
    • Linzer Bars – Raspberry jam on a lightly flavored dough
    • Carrot Cake – Baked in-house, as with all our pastries, with walnuts and fresh carrots
    • Chocolate Raspberry Torte – Perfected by the years of experience of Christine Worschinski, this chocolate cake is not something to miss
    • Pecan Tarts – Small version of a pecan pie, and baked fresh.
    • Rum Cake – Rum cake topped with walnuts and a light glaze

Loose Teas

Flavors include: Welsh Morning, Toffee Almond Supreme, Red Berries, Prairie Passion, Morrocan Mint, Lemon Solstice, Green Tea with Mango, Iron Silk Puerth, Georgia Sunshine, Jasmine, Earl Gray White Tip, Decaf Earl Gray, Chamomile