Sambal brings you the freshest organic ingredients, exotic herbs, and spices from Thailand and Malaysia. The cooking process combines the high heat of the wok with constant agitation to create flavors and textures that are crisp and sharp, yet complex. The fragrant and aromatic cuisine in a sophisticated, elegant ambience assures that you have a memorable dining experience.

Selections From The Sambal Restaurant Menu:

  • TOM YUM: FRAGRANT SPICY SOUP – lemongrass broth-lime leaves-chili-galangal oyster mushroom-tomatoes-mushrooms sliced red onions GF
  • GREEN PAPAYA SALAD: green papaya-lime juice-fresh chili-garlic-tomato-palm sugar-peanuts GF
  • CURRY PUFFS: pan fried savory pastries with spiced potatoes served with sweet chili sauce V
  • RED CURRY: mixed bell peppers, coconut cream, onions, carrots, bamboo shoots, basil leaves, lime leaves, red curry paste GF
  • MASSAMAN: coconut cream-onions-carrots-potatoes-peanuts-cherry tomato GF
  • PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE: fragrant fried rice- diced pineapple-eggscallions
  • STIR FRIED VEGETARIAN DUCK: vegan mock duck flavored wheat gluten in a soy reduction with scallion, greens and veggies V
  • THAI GROUND CHICKEN WITH CHILIES AND BASIL: ground chicken-spicy bird chilies-basil-veggies
  • LAMB MASSAMAN CURRY: lean free-range lamb-coconut cream-onions-carrots-potatoes-peanuts GF
  • LAMB BIANG BIANG NOODLES: spiced ground lamb with egg noodles and scallions

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