Outsiders Kitchen creates “Small batch gourmet pretzel bites”. The pretzel bites are a unique sweet and salty snack that will (hopefully) knock your socks off.

Hearty sourdough pretzels are packed with flavor and coated by hand with the best ingredients that can be sourced. Freshly ground coffee beans and signature spice blends to produce inventive flavors you probably haven’t experienced on a pretzel before. Pretzels are Outsiders Kitchen chosen vehicle for flavor and see what they keep dreaming up in the kitchen!

All products are made and packaged by hand in a commercial kitchen tucked among the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Margaretville, NY.

Current Snacks From Outsiders Kitchen:

Sugar + Spice Pretzel Bites
Meet your snacking BFF. Perfectly sweet and salty and just right to satisfy any craving! We start with sourdough pretzels, broken to perfection, and add our special blend of sugar and spices for a truly delectable treat.

Coffee + Cream Pretzel Bites
You’ll totally dig these sourdough pretzels, blended with our signature sugar and spices and a bonus caffeinated kick. Coffee-flavored pretzels? Trust our creative process. We use only the finest beans sourced from our favorite roaster, Armeno Coffee.

Lemon + Poppy Pretzel Bites
Inspired by our favorite muffin, these Lemon + Poppy Pretzel Bites are bold and bright! With a powerful punch of lemon and a sprinkling of poppy seeds, your taste buds will delight in this flavorful combination that does not exist elsewhere on a pretzel (for real, that’s why we created it). Delicious right out of the bag or sprinkled over ice cream!

Berries + Cream Pretzel Bites
With a sweet strawberry flavor and a hint of cream, our Berries + Cream Pretzel Bites are a fruity treat! In one bite, you’ll happily experience sweet, salty, tangy and crunchy. Enjoy this flavor twist that’s great for giving or keeping all to yourself!

Orange + Almond Granola
If you’re looking on a fresh take on granola, our Orange + Almond Granola is a great choice! A bold, slightly sweet citrus flavor is perfectly paired with almonds, golden raisins, and coconut to create a new twist on a traditional breakfast staple.

Chocolate + Espresso Granola
Need a little help kickstarting your day? You’ve come to the right place! Our Chocolate + Espresso Granola is here to get you up and going! We’ve paired the delightfully savory hints of chocolate and espresso with almonds and coconut to make a granola fit for both breakfast and on-the-go snacking, whenever you need that little push to make it through the day.

“Outsiders Kitchen cares about pretzels; we care about small business. We also really care about helping people. Our work is focused through our 501(c)3 non-profit, Make It Rain. We founded this 100% volunteer organization along with our friends to simply help others help others.”