Sweet Goodness Gourmet Chocolate - Peanut Butter TruffleLocated in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Sweet Goodness is committed to providing quality products made fresh to order with fresh local ingredients whenever possible. Some of the wines used in our chocolate creations are from local wineries. Every truffle is handmade with a smooth and creamy ganache center. Sweet Goodness only uses the freshest ingredients, no additives or preservatives, which is why our creations are best when consumed within three weeks from purchase.

Inspired by my Caribbean heritage, we offer a line of chocolate truffles called the “Caribbean Collection” which consists of a Rum Raisin in milk chocolate, Coconut Rum Cream in dark chocolate, Mango Champagne in white chocolate and a Raspberry Ginger in a bittersweet dark chocolate. Sweet Goodness is a taste never to be forgotten, creating mouth-watering gourmet chocolate truffles that will leave your tastes buds wanting more.

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Selections from Sweet Goodness:

Walnut Pomegranate Truffle – Classic Truffle Drops – Strawberries & Cream Truffle – Mango Champagne Truffle – Caribbean Collection – Raspberry Ginger Truffle – Thai Caramel Truffle – Whole Raspberry Truffle – Pistachio Vanilla Truffle – Eggnog Truffle