The Athens Cultural Center offers a full schedule of arts and cultural programming, community events, classes, exhibitions, and more for children, teens, and adults. The Center is housed in a former storefront decorated with graceful cast iron pillars just a few steps from the majestic Hudson River.

The overall mission is to encourage understanding of the arts in this reviving area of the Hudson Valley. Once again, artists, writers, performers and musicians have become key residents of the village. Space is provided for them to share their special talents with their neighbors.

In a time of government budget cuts, arts and music programs have been threatened in our local schools. The Athens Cultural Center offers classes and we particularly try to offer free summer classes for children and art classes for seniors.

The number of talented artists, writers, performers and musicians that make the Hudson Valley their home is astonishing. In the village of Athens, we know many artists, emerging, struggling and established, as our neighbors. The Athens Cultural Center serves as an exhibition and performance space in which talented artists can exhibit and perform, enlightening the community in which they live.