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Custom crafted musical instruments made in the Hudson Valley

Take A Stand Handcrafted Hardwood Guitar and Music Stands

Take A Stand guitar and music stands are created as fine furniture – meticulously designed to be structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

Martin Keith Guitars

Martin Keith Guitars are fine, handmade instruments - designed and built by a player for maximum comfort, versatility, and response.

Woodstock Wooden Kazoos

Crafted from the finest wood available, Woodstock Wooden Kazoos have a crisp yet mellow sound and are so comfortable to play.

Supreme Pianos of New York

Supreme Pianos of New York is a master restorer of high quality grand, baby grand and upright pianos with a depth of experience.

American Percussion

Hand crafted American Percussion instruments with one of a kind finishes. including tambourines, tamba drums, lap drums, nakers, mallets, and much more.

Flutewalker Native American Style Flutes

Handcrafted Native American style flutes of impeccable workmanship that results in a beautiful, long lasting, and rich sounding instrument.

Handmade Guitars by Brad Goodman

Handmade Guitars by Brad Goodman are based on traditional techniques, with variations drawn from over 30 years of experience building fine instruments.

Handmade and More Local Crafts

Handmade and More offers many items from local crafters including chimes and fun musical instruments, crafted jewelry, collectibles, and pottery and vases.

Citron Handcrafted Guitars & Basses

Harvey Citron of Citron Handcrafted Guitars & Basses has been building guitars, basses, and pickups in Woodstock NY since 1974.

Precision Drum Company

Precision Drum Company offers quality custom drums and drum building supplies.