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Custom crafted musical instruments made in the Hudson Valley

Vail Guitars – One Of A Kind Handcrafted Guitars

Vail Guitars creates unique, one of a kind, handcrafted guitars designed to your playing style and your unique hand/finger configuration.

StringSmith Instruments – Vagabond Travel Guitar

Handmade by StringSmith Instruments in the USA since 1981, the Vagabond Travel Guitar is versatile, played on stage or just around the house.

Take A Stand Handcrafted Hardwood Guitar and Music Stands

Take A Stand guitar and music stands are created as fine furniture – meticulously designed to be structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

Martin Keith Guitars

Martin Keith Guitars are fine, handmade instruments - designed and built by a player for maximum comfort, versatility, and response.

Woodstock Wooden Kazoos

Crafted from the finest wood available, Woodstock Wooden Kazoos have a crisp yet mellow sound and are so comfortable to play.

Flutewalker Native American Style Flutes

Handcrafted Native American style flutes of impeccable workmanship that results in a beautiful, long lasting, and rich sounding instrument.

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Handmade Guitars by Brad Goodman

Handmade Guitars by Brad Goodman are based on traditional techniques, with variations drawn from over 30 years of experience building fine instruments.

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Handmade and More Local Crafts

Handmade and More offers many items from local crafters including chimes and fun musical instruments, crafted jewelry, collectibles, and pottery and vases.

Citron Handcrafted Guitars & Basses

Harvey Citron of Citron Handcrafted Guitars & Basses has been building guitars, basses, and pickups in Woodstock NY since 1974.