Black Hill Sheep Farm is an agricultural property owned by Jack and Irene Banning. They are originally from New York City but have been passionate farmers for the past decade. The farm began with a modest group of 8 Black Welsh Mountain ewes, 2 rams, 20 chickens, and a small vegetable garden, but it has since grown into a thriving farmstead home to one of the largest flocks of Black Welsh Mountain sheep in the United States.

In addition to the sheep, the Bannings raise around 30 feeder pigs yearly, keep over 200 chickens for their eggs, and cultivate a couple of acres of vegetables. Their focus on heritage breeds is driven by their passion for farming and commitment to responsible land use and breed diversity, which they believe are crucial for a sustainable future.

The Bannings take pride in producing high-quality wool and delicious and flavorful meat using traditional farming techniques. By focusing on heritage breeds, they can create a unique and niche product and contribute to preserving and protecting livestock breed diversity, essential for maintaining a healthy and sustainable food system. Anyone who visits Black Hill Sheep Farm can feel the joy and passion that the Bannings have for farming and their commitment to responsible and sustainable agriculture.

Black Sheep Hill Farm Meats and Produce:

Black Sheep Hill Farm  offers meats and vegetables regionally available through and F2TBox. During the summer season, those in the area can visit the Farm Store to purchase meats, eggs, and veggies.

The Farm Store is open every day of the week and offers a self-serve system where customers can choose their desired meats and eggs from the freezers and refrigerator, weigh them, and leave the payment. If assistance is needed or payment needs to be made via credit card, customers can call one of the numbers listed on the sign, and a staff member will be available to help.

The store has a diverse selection of lamb and pork cuts in its freezers, but availability may vary depending on the time of year or demand as it does not slaughter regularly. Please call or visit to ensure they have what you’re looking for. All the animals are raised in pastures, and the pigs are provided organic milk products from the nearby Ronnybrook Farm.

In addition to meats, Black Sheep Hill Farm Meats and Produce sells fresh eggs and vegetables. The farm has Araucanas and Rhode Island Reds chickens, so each dozen comes with blue and brown eggs. The chickens can roam freely on the grass during the summer and have plenty of outdoor space in the winter. During the summer, the farm also sells vegetables such as green and purple beans, cocktail tomatoes, garlic, and fingerling potatoes in the store.

Lambs!!! Awww!

Posted by Black Sheep Hill Farm on Tuesday, April 3, 2018