Eight Mile Creek Farm produces more than 30 kinds of certified organic vegetables and herbs, offering each  in several varieties.

Eight Mile Creek Farm believes that through diversification  of both plant and animal species, we have created, and continue to improve  on, a sustainable system that works to produce healthy food for our community, and that leaves our environment in a better state of health.

Also available is organic grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and pastured eggs year-round; animals receive no growth hormones, antibiotics or medications.  Pam’s animals are raised the way nature intended- fed lots of green grass in the summer and  hay in the winter.    Organic turkey and geese are available for the holidays.

Some Products From Eight Mile Creek Farm

Rainbow Swiss Chard
Red Leaf Lettuce
Summer Salad Mix
Chuck Roast
Ground Beef
Hot Italian Beef Sausage
Jamaican Jerk Sausage
London Broil
Rib-Eye Steaks
Sirloin Steak
Soup Bones
Sweet Italian Beef Sausage
Vadavan Beef Sausage