Halal Pastures Farm is a company with a mission to provide high-quality, halal meats and meat products that are delicious but also wholesome and pure. They take pride in ensuring that the entire process, from the farm to the table, is traceable and transparent so customers can trust that they are getting genuinely halal and tayeb products.

One thing that sets Halal Pastures Farm apart is its commitment to using only non-genetically engineered grains in its animal feed. This means customers can be assured that none of the animals or birds on the farm have been genetically modified or exposed to any harmful chemicals or additives.

“tayeb” is an Arabic term that means “wholesome and pure.” This concept goes beyond a simplistic definition of halal, considering the health, nutrition, and sustainability aspects of meat and meat products. Halal Pastures Farm strives to live up to this standard, delivering products that taste great and promote overall well-being.

In addition to its dedication to producing high-quality halal meats and meat products, Halal Pastures Farm also takes pride in delivering its products quickly and conveniently. Customers can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their food is halal and tayeb and delivered straight to their door. With their focus on quality, transparency, and convenience, it’s no wonder that Halal Pastures Farm has become a trusted name in the halal meat industry.

Halal Pastures Farm Products

Organic Pasture Raised Whole Turkey- 16.5lbs
Organic Turkey Breast
Organic Turkey Thigh
Organic Turkey Wings

Organic Chicken Cut Up Into Pieces Skinless
Organic Chicken Drums
Organic Chicken Gizzards
Organic Chicken Heart
Organic Chicken Leg Quarters
Organic Chicken Liver
Organic Chicken Wings
Organic Whole Chicken

Beef Bones Organic 100% Grass Fed
Beef Organs Organic 100% Grass Fed
Breakfast Sausage Organic 100% Grass-Fed With Casing
Burger Patties 100% Grass Fed
Chuck Steak- 100% Grass Fed
Churizo Sausage Organic 100% Grass Fed With Casing
Italian Sausage Organic 100% Grass Fed With Casing

Leg of Lamb Roast with Bone 100% Grass Fed

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