Sweetman’s Farm, located in the picturesque Hudson Valley region just outside of Warwick, NY, is a family-owned and operated farm that has served the local community for years. What started as a small family farm has grown into a thriving agricultural business that produces a wide range of high-quality farm-fresh products.

One of the things that sets Sweetman’s Farm apart is its commitment to sustainable farming practices. They believe that farming is not only crucial to the local community but also to the environment. As such, they employ sustainable farming practices for both their crops and animals, including raising their livestock without antibiotics or growth hormones.

Sweetman’s Farm offers a large selection of farm-grown all-natural beef, pastured pork, free-range eggs, and organic produce. They take pride in their livestock and understand what it takes to keep them healthy and happy for good-quality meat. They offer the highest-quality USDA-certified beef and pork, which is a testament to their dedication to providing nothing but the healthiest meat and vegetables to their customers.

In addition to its commitment to sustainable farming practices, Sweetman’s Farm is deeply committed to the health and safety of its customers. They never use chemicals or insecticides on their products and only use natural fertilizer from their grass-fed cattle. When in season, they handpick their non-GMO organic vegetables daily and never use chemicals or sprays on any of their products.

The farm was the first to be preserved in New York State under the statewide farmland protection program. This is a testament to its commitment to preserving the land and the environment for future generations. Sweetman’s Farm is more than just a. business; it’s a way of life for it takes pride in offering its customers the best quality products.