At Woven Stars Farm, we are cultivating a sustainable food system in harmony with nature by incorporating principles of permaculture design to mimic a productive forest ecology.

We support a diversity of plant and animal species, creating a mutually beneficial environment that enables our farm ecosystem to thrive.

We practice biodynamic agriculture to spiritually connect with our work. Through these practices we honor the plants, fungi, animals and the community around us. We believe having a diversity of plants and animals creates a sustainable and resilient farm system.

Our mission is to provide the local community with a viable food source using sustainable and carbon conscious farming techniques. These techniques, good animal management and land stewardship, build healthful soil, sequester carbon and create a model for our food system.

Grass Fed Meats

Our lamb, goat and beef is: Our pork, chicken and duck is: 100% Grass-fed and finished​ Pasture and forest grazed Fed local, organic grains. Our meats will never contain: Antibiotics Anthelmintics Hormones.

Pastured Eggs

Our chickens are an important part of our farm, they work in harmony with every entity within our agricultural ecosystem. We have a diversity of chicken breeds, including Barred Rock, Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Welsummer and Golden Comet. ​ Free to roam on the farm they happily scavenge for insects, grain, grit and grasses all the while gently tilling in the soil. As they move they fertilize the soil with their nitrogen rich manure. Only local, organic grain is used as a supplement.

Woven Stars Farm CSA

CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a way to provide you direct access to fresh food straight from the farm. This type of agriculture gives you a better connection to the farmers and allows you to eat more naturally and seasonally. In purchasing a CSA share, you directly support us by giving the farm funds to invest in the new season and give the farm more financial stability. Once monthly, you will receive a mix of seasonal meats and fresh eggs. Our meats include heritage breed lamb, chevon (goat), beef, chicken, pork and duck. All meat will arrive frozen in vacuum sealed packaging.