GoatSheepShop, where all things are made of goat and sheep. They are a fiber farm at the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains in Delhi, Delaware County, NY.

Since 2008, Goat Sheep Shop has been producing various wool items such as blankets, rugs, clothing articles, scarves, accessories and other “wearable arts,” using the luxurious high quality wool from their own fiber goats and sheep. Their long time formal and informal arts training has helped them to become relatively fast and easily comfortable with the medium.

Meat Products

The farm also produces young tender lamb and goat meat. Their animals are pasture raised, and supplied with necessary minerals and other nutrient that are lacked from the naturally grown forage. The animals are culled at the perfect and most desired age age of 12-15 months, before they start developing excess body fat. It helps the meat remain tender, juicy and the strong typical muttony flavor that usually associated with older animals is never present.

Meat is sold by the cuts, however, they also take whole carcass orders. Their USDA inspected meat is available directly from the farm, at the Pakatakan, Callicoon, and Delhi farmers markets. Once a week they also deliver to NYC. Please call for details.