The Hog is a popular dining destination in the historical Bain Building, which dates back to 1875. The cozy, no-frills ambiance of the restaurant makes it a perfect spot for casual dining. The owners, Adam and Corrinne, always ensure that every visitor feels at home and enjoys their time at The Hog. Chef Adam has been a well-known name in the Hudson Valley culinary scene since 2004, and he has earned a reputation for his innovative flavor profiles and whimsical takes on classic dishes.

Chef Adam’s unique style is evident in The Hog’s eclectic menu, which features a variety of fun comfort food items, crafted decadent sandwiches, fresh bowls, and sweet treats. There is something for everyone on the menu. The special menu changes frequently and highlights the Hudson Valley’s seasonal bounty, keeping customers guessing what’s next. Ditch the bun from any dish and make it a bowl over greens if you prefer bowls.

Please be sure to bring your curious side along with you, and just to let you know, some of the unique creations at The Hog can be messy, but they are always delicious. Overall, The Hog is a must-visit restaurant for anyone who loves good food, cozy ambiance, friendly service, and creative gastro twists and turns.

Selections From The Hog Menu:

  • OG Birdie – 6oz buttermilk fried chicken breast, shredduce, buttermilk mayo, dilly pickles, country white bun
  • McPenstock – Fried egg, hash brown, House sausage, sharp American, Hog sauce, dilly pickle, shredduce, country white bun.
  • Rock a Fella (V) – Two jumbo fried farm eggs, Brie, garlic spinach, buttermilk mayo, fried onions, crispy chickpeas, country white bun.
  • Illy “P” – 1/2 lb. shaved ribeye, sharp american, smoked provolone, “wit” fried onions, Hog sauce, Amoroso long roll.
  • Pastrami Reuben – Hot Ny State pastrami, fancy swiss, hog sauce, natural kraut, griddled rye
  • Honey BLTA – 1/2 lb. applewood bacon, hot honey, buttermilk mayo, avocado, greens, tomato, pickled onion, pumpernickle rye.
  • Cynara – Two jumbo eggs, two hash browns, artichoke hearts, pesto, lemon pepper cheese curds, garlic knot sauce, rocket, tomato, toasted NY rye.
  • Crab on titan – Blue claw crab-scallion pancake, roasted red peppers, whipped cheesecake, sunny up egg, clementine sweet chili sauce, wonton chip, country white bun.
  • Ultimo Cubano – Garlic pulled pork neck, carved ham steak, fried salami, fancy Swiss, dilly pickles, Coney island mustard, griddled Texas toast.
  • TOM TOM Club – Hot turkey breast, bacon, cacio E pepe cheese curds, roasted reds, oregano, saba, EVOO, pesto, parmesan crusted wheat bread.
  • Bird On a Liege – 6 oz Buttermilk fried chicken breast, warm liege waffle, bacon, whipped cheese cake, pecan, hot honey
  • Cousin – Crispy Guanciale, salami cotto, spicy gabagool, ham steak, fresh mozz, wine pickled onions, roasted reds, tomato, shredduce, evoo, vin, oregano, Amoroso long roll.
  • Roadhouse Butter Burger – 6oz Niman Ranch Angus beef smashed patty, red eye bourbon bbq glaze, shredduce, tomato, dilly pickle, buttermilk mayo, mounted with whipped honey butter.
  • Smoked stack lighting – Double 4oz smashed pork patties, bacon, smoked provolone, red eye bbq, dilly pickles, shredduce, Mule sauce, country white bun.
  • Pimento Bowl – Lemon pepper cheese curds, roasted reds, crispy guanciale, artichoke, tomato, toasted almond, beetroot, pickled onion, saba, rocket, poppy seed, lemon agave dressing.
  • Cali Toast – Vegetarian. Open faced, smashed avocado, labneh, almond, sprouts, cilantro chimmicurri, crispy chickpeas, rocket, sprouted wheat bread.
  • Jane’s Waffle – Vegetarian. Warm le waf liege waffle, drawn butter, cocoa cinnamon sugar, local maple syrup, house jam.

View the entire The Hog menu.

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