Burt’s Mountain Honey bees get an assortment of apple blossom, white clover and wildflower nectar from the Catskill Mountains. Honey is sold in 8 oz., 1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb and honey bear squeeze bottles. Burt’s also carry a selection of all natural honey candy, honey soap, lip balm, and hand cream. With hives located both in Windham and on the north side of Ashland Pinnacle, bees get an assortment of apple blossom, white clover and wildflower nectar.

Experience the sensational taste of Burt’s all natural raw mountain honey and an opportunity for health and happiness awaits you.

Products From Burt’s Mountain Honey

Our all natural raw honey is collected and bottled in the Catskill Mountains and is the best the Catskills have to offer

Mason Jar
2 lb Jar
1 lb Jar
8 oz Jar
Bear Bottle

Honey Candy
Our all natural candy is simply delicious. Keep your mouth moist and sooth sore throats. Your taste buds will appreciate our wide selection of flavors that include: Original Honey Flavor, Honey Lemon Flavor, Honey Pomegranate Flavor and Honey Apple Flavor. We’re sure you will be back for more!

Bag of Candy
3 Bags of Candy

Honey Straws
Our all natural honey straws are loaded with flavor and are ideal to pack in your kid’s lunch, take to the office for tea and coffee or just as a yummy snack. Try our wide selection of flavors and I’m sure you will ask yourself “Why didn’t I buy more?” Flavors include: Lemmon, Orange Blossom, Blackberry Blossom, Clover, Wild Flower, Buckwheat, Orange, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry, Water Mellon, Raspberry, Peppermint, Blueberry, Grape, Apple, Lime and many more!

Soaps for all types of skin

Swiss Soaps
Our Swiss soaps include: Alpine Milk for everyday use, Gardeners for rough chapped hands, Honey for moisturizing all skin types and Royal Jelly with rich nutrients for dry skin

County Soaps
Our Country Soaps include Lavender, Almond Milk and Honey and Grits

Lip Balms
Don’t let the cold dry winter chap you lips. Great for skiining, biking or any outdoor activity. Our Beeswax Lip Balm contains a unique blend of beeswax, natural oils and other natrual ingredents. Try one or try them all. Flavors includes: Cinnamon, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Wintergreen, Pure & Simple and Honey.

Lip Balm Jars

Hand Creams
Our hand cream is designed to sooth and soften you skin. Use to heal irritated chapped hands. Choose from Unscented, Lilac, Rose, Lavendar and Lemongrass

Moisturizing Skin Cream (2 oz Jar)