Family owned and operated, Full Moon Farm offers grass fed beef, lamb and goat as well as pastured pork and chicken.

Also available is wool and functional fiber art. Full Moon Farm is committed to a healthy, holistic, and humane approach to raising livestock as an environmentally and economically sustainable enterprise.

Full Moon Farm believes that good soil health produces healthy food and clean meat, so they maintain their high quality pastures using only natural amendments (no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides) and rotational grazing.

It is our top priority to provide you the best quality meat that we can produce and source. We value providing you the most nutritous and healthy meat possible. We operate with the simple understanding that the way we raise our animals, the nutritional quality of the meat and eggs they produce, and the impact of farming systems on the environment, are all intrinsically linked.

We know that if we manage our animals properly and according to their needs, we don’t have to rely on things like routine antibiotics and other chemical inputs to farm. We know that healthy, content animals produce better tasting, healthier meat and eggs. We know that pasture-based farming livestock systems can actually have a positive impact on the environment too.