825 Main meticulously selects the ingredients for their Marinara Sauce and Pizza Margherita Sauce in order to produce the freshest and tastiest sauces possible. The sauce is made in frequent small batches to keep the integrity of all the ingredients.

All of the ingredients in the 825 MAIN Sauces used are non GMO and contain no additives. The sauces are also gluten-free. Simplicity is the key and only the finest and freshest ingredients are used. Fresh basil from the Hudson Valley and fresh garlic from New York farms are used when in season.

825 Main Sauces

Marinara Sauce
825 Main Marinara Sauce created in the Hudson Valley. This is not just a pasta sauce. It is a cooking sauce to add to meats, seafood and vegetables. The sauce is made with California Plum Tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic (when in season from the Hudson Valley), fresh parsley, fresh basil (when in season from the Hudson Valley), and oregano. The sauce is chunky and the garlic is sweet and mild.

Pizza Margherita Sauce
This Pizza Sauce is created in the Hudson Valley. The 825 MAIN Pizza Margherita Sauce is not just meant for pizza. It is also a smooth creamy pasta sauce. Everything about this sauce screams Italy. It is made with imported Italian Plum Tomatoes, imported pecorino romano cheese, fresh basil (from the Hudson Valley when in season), and fresh garlic (from the Hudson valley when in season). The sauce is smooth and creamy with a robust taste of garlic.

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