Banbury Cross Farm is a family owned farm raising and selling USDA certified grass fed beef and lambs, all cuts as well as live animals. They also have GMO free fed (tested) full line of poultry, eggs, duck, turkey and pork products as well as rabbit.

The beef and lamb are raised with no added hormones, no antibiotics, no meat by- products, and a totally vegetarian diet. They are humanely treated, raised in pastures, and never contained in a feedlot.

“The goal at Banbury Cross Farm is to provide grass-fed, antibiotic free, no added hormone, all-natural beef & lamb. Our livestock is of the highest quality. We believe in the humane treatment of all animals. We do our best to raise and nurture them in a clean, open, natural environment. Banbury Cross Farm provides the finest holistic care for every animal living on our farms. Our pastures are all natural grasses, forbs, and browse. Clean, fresh groundwater is provided in all of the pastures year round.”

You can have your orders shipped or you can arrange pickup at the farm.

Available from Banbury Cross Farm:

USDA Inspected Beef
100% NATURAL GRASS FED BEEF No added hormones • No Antibiotics100% grass fed.
Ground Beef – Ground Beef Ultra Lean – SEAR or GRILL Strip Steak – T Bone – Skirt Steak – Sirloin Steak – Eye Round – Top Round – London Broil – Tenderloin/Filet Steak – Sirloin Tip Steak – Sirloin Tip Roast – Porterhouse – SLOW COOK Soup Bones – Brisket – Short Rib – Chuck Roast – Arm Roast – Stew/ Kabob – Tongue – Liver/Heart – Dog Bones

USDA Inspected Lamb
100% NATURAL GRASS FED LAMBNo added hormones • No Antibiotics100% grass fed.
Loin Chops – Rib Chops – Shoulder Chops – Shank – Riblets – Shoulder Roast – Stew – Leg of Lamb – Ground

Farm Fresh Chicken!
100% NATURALNo added hormonesNo Antibiotics. NYS Certified and cannot be shipped out of NY State.

Turkey Feast, available only in season
100% NATURAL No added hormones No Antibiotics, NYS Certified and cannot be shipped out of NY State.