Mitten Rock Farm Beef can be characterized by its deep red complexion within each cut that’s marbled tp perfection with bright yellow fat. This is a testament to the power of the diverse polyphenols and carotenoids that our animals feast upon all year around from pastures.

Our mission is give our customers the most nutritious food possible while supporting our farm ecosystem and giving our animals an amazing life.

Products From Mitten Rock Farm:

The Mitten-Rock-Meat-Sampler Bundle This bundle is perfect for someone who wants a well rounded cart including some choice steaks such as sirloin, ribeye, and NY strip along with ground beef, some roasts and an extra steak.

Premium Steaks Bundle
A bundle of our finest choice cuts of steak such as; filet mignon, sirloin, NY strip, T-bone, flank, skirt and ribeye. Choose the price of the bundle that fits your needs best.

Roasters and Smokers Bundle
This bundle is perfect for those who love to keep warm with a roast in the summer and smoke their meat in the winter! Roasts include brisket, bottom round roast, eye round roast, short ribs, london broil, a top round and an extra pack of ground beef.

Nose To Tail Bundle
For the true carnivores out there, this bundle includes liver, heart, kidney, soup bones, marrow bones, short ribs, oxtail, shank and tongue. It makes for an excellent add-on for those with more traditional or experimental palates.

Soup Lovers Bundle
A bundle filled with soup bones rich in marrow, stew beef rich in collagenous tissue along with ground beef, chuck steak and/or round roasts depending on bundle size. All you need to make delicious and nourishing soups from our pastures to your stock pot.

Whole Animal Purchases
For those with the freezer space, purchasing a whole, half, or quarter cow is a wonderful way to feed yourself and those around you throughout the entire year. As seen in our price variants, the larger the purchase the lower price you pay. spacer 50px