The IceMother & Sons have put together a custom Italian Ice truck, that has state of the art design and equipment that bring to you, the finest and favorite premium Italian Ices and refreshments.

We are proud to serve the community with desserts that we grew up on, in Brooklyn, as children, and we want to share the same experiences with you.

Your trust is our top concern. 100% pure ingredients and we offer affordable prices. we have a team of experts ensuring their high quality. We offer our range of products per the specifications given by our clients.

Italian ice, also known as an ice and water ice, is a sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit or other natural or artificial food flavorings, similar to sorbet. Water ices, are soy, gluten, dairy, peanut, free & vegan.

Place orders for home delivery of our homemade ice cream & Italian ice, invite our ice cream truck to your place of business, or just catch us around the neighborhood.

Flavors From The IceMother & Sons Italian Ice Truck:

Italian Water Ices

Louie “The Lip“ Lemon
Say Hello to My Little Cherry
Dominooch Kool Blue Raspberry
Cugine Tangerine
Berry 6 Feet Under Red Raspberry
Wacked Watermelon
Madone` Mango
Pinched Pineapple
La Di Da Rainbow
My Ex the Sour Apple
My Blue Berry Heaven
Bada Bing BubbleGum
Coney Island Cotton Candy
Goomada Coolata

Creme Ices

Classic Vanilla
Oreo Cookie
Cookie Dough
Mint Chip
Butter Pecan
Green Tea

Special Flavors

Double fudge brownie
Salted Carmel pretzel
Moose tracks
Vanilla chip
Rum Raisin
Butter Brickle
Birthday cake
Red Bean
Red Velvet
Strawberry cheesecake
Cotton candy
Espresso Chip
Peanut Butter Ripple
Blueberry Chesecake
Strawberry Shortcake
Orange Sherbert
Lemon Sherbert
Rainbow Sherbert
Red Razberry Sherbert