Total Tennis is for you, whether you are a novice tennis player without a racquet, or a skilled competitor, the Northeast’s Only Year-Round Tennis Camp is for you. Our attentive staff will help you improve your game and totally enjoy your stay.

Just 100 miles north of New York City, we are located in Saugerties, New York. Total Tennis has 20 outdoor, 5 indoor, 4 platform tennis courts and 49 guest rooms, surrounded by expansive scenic views.

On your first day of instruction, you will be grouped with three other comparably skilled guests and assigned a professional instructor. Your instructor will implement a lesson plan complete with drills, games and real match play tailored to the skill level of the group and its goals. Our instructors will not force you to change your game, but design their lessons to improve what you already have in your arsenal.

Beginner Tennis

At the beginner level guests will focus on the fundamentals of tennis. Instructors will teach players basic stokes such as forehand, backhand, volley, lob and overhead; while incorporating drills for movement, quickness, positioning and conditioning. Lessons will also include basic strategy for match play in singles and doubles. Drills and games are designed so guests practice each fundamental, stroke and strategy.

Intermediate Tennis

In addition to solidifying all the fundamentals of basic strokes, intermediate players will learn to hit forcing approach shots, spin serves, winning volleys and overheads. Consistency and keeping the ball in play are key components of an intermediate’s improvement.

Advanced Tennis

Our advanced players work on finesse, touch and power while smoothing the rough edges of their game. You’ll learn a kick serve and topspin lob. These players also focus on preparation for match play and advanced strategy.