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Pottery, is it about art or about function? Maybe it’s both! No other art form has quite the versatility of pottery. It can be a treat for the eyes, a functional necessity, and a tactile delight all in one. The Hudson Valley is well known for its scope of artists and pottery offerings. All you need do is find your joy.

Pratt + Hebert Designing In Ceramics, Wood & Metal

Pratt + Hebert is a small design studio by Sarah Pratt and Curt Hebert working in ceramics, wood and metal.

Dawn Dishaw Ceramics – Elegant Designs For Everyday Use

Dawn Dishaw's work is about function and pattern influenced by Islamic tile and pottery, Persian painting and historical architecture.

Tivoli Tile Works – Fine Pottery & Hand-Crafted Dinnerware

Tivoli Tile Works creates fine pottery and hand-crafted dinnerware inspired by the wild beauty and creative spirit of New York’s Hudson Valley.

Brad Kato Pottery – Wheel Thrown or Hand Built Stoneware

All Brad Kato Pottery is individually wheel-thrown or hand-built from stoneware clay which is bisque fired, individually glazed, and then fired again.

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Deep Earth Designs Pottery – Striking Glazes & Simple Forms

Each piece of Deep Earth Designs Pottery is a unique creation, crafted on the wheel or with hand-rolled slab.

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Car-Toons by Booth Auto Art In Clay

Car-Toons by Booth create custom sculptures of you and your auto in clay that are fun, whimsical, beautiful works of art.

Touchstone Ceramics

Artist Susan Nowogrodzki of Touchstone Ceramics creates beautiful functional and sculptural stoneware, porcelain and raku-ware.

Virginia Piazza Pottery

Virginia Piazza Pottery creates functional wheel-thrown pottery in porcelain and stoneware with simple surfaces, using one or two harmonizing glazes.