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Pottery and Ceramics

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Pottery, is it about art or about function? Maybe it’s both! No other art form has quite the versatility of pottery. It can be a treat for the eyes, a functional necessity, and a tactile delight all in one.

Virginia Piazza Pottery

Virginia Piazza Pottery creates functional wheel-thrown pottery in porcelain and stoneware with simple surfaces, using one or two harmonizing glazes.

Allan Ditton Pottery

Each piece of Allan Ditton Pottery is made of Hi-Fired Stoneware that is hand dipped and fired using lead free glazes.

The Arts & Clay Company

The Arts & Clay Company in Saugerties NY is dedicated to the renaissance of the arts and crafts movement in America.

Judaica Pottery

Judaica Pottery produces a unique line of Jewish ceremonial objects; each one hand-crafted, to enhance the beauty of Jewish ritual and tradition.

East Ridge Pottery

East Ridge Pottery in Warwick NY features functional handmade art for everyday use by artist and potter Sharon Galbraith.

Cedar Knoll Pottery

Cedar Knoll Pottery in Montgomery NY creates hand made pottery on a potter's wheel one at a time.

Kaete Brittin Shaw Porcelain

Kaete Brittin Shaw Porcelain creates one of a kind hand built vessels and wall pieces that integrate functionalism and sculpture.

Rivendell Pottery

Rivendell Pottery in Roscoe NY creates pottery functional and durable enough for daily use, but also beautiful to look at and live with.


Davistudio is an experimental workshop where artwork, dinnerware, paintings, sculpture and design ideas are developed and put into being.

Chris Parrow Pottery

Chris Parrow Pottery creates one-of-a-kind ceramic pottery made from high-fired stoneware and porcelain clays in the Catskill Mountains.

Honey Hill Pottery

Hand-made by Ellany Gable, each piece of Honey Hill Pottery is a unique work of art that is meant to be used every day.

Domesticities & The Cutting Garden

Domesticities & The Cutting Garden features antiques, works by local artisans, accessories for the home & garden and vintage collectibles.