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What pleases your fancy in handcrafted woodworking and furniture products? You will be amazed at the wood wonders made right here in the Hudson Valley- pens, plates, bowls, boxes, boards, furniture in styles from rustic to contemporary. Great stuff by great artisans!

Alberti Wood Carving

Alberti Wood Carving creates a wide range of carvings from bears and eagles to walking sticks, fish, wolves, benches and rustic decor.

The Art of Hudson Valley Woodworkers

A visual tour of some of the functional art created by Hudson Valley Woodworkers. The stuff that wish lists are made of.

Somers Country Furniture

Somers Country Furniture offers custom made farm tables in solid cherry, oak, maple or pine wood with a wide selection of different styled chairs.

Grain Woodwork & Design Studio

GRAIN is a woodwork & design studio located in Hudson, NY. Producing fine furniture, lighting & accessories for the home.

Skoda Pipes

Joseph Skoda has been carving pipes for over sixteen years and has many years of experience in custom woodworking and cabinetry.

Catskill Outdoor Furniture

Catskill Outdoor Furniture is a small family run business hand crafting outdoor and indoor custom furniture in the Catskill Mountains of NY.

Take A Stand Handcrafted Hardwood Guitar and Music Stands

Take A Stand guitar and music stands are created as fine furniture – meticulously designed to be structurally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

Harnett Designs Custom Fine Woodwork

Located in the Catskill Mountains of NY, Harnett Designs specializes in custom woodworking from furniture to chainsaw sculpting.

Mike Leggett Furniture Maker & Designer

Mike Leggett combines classical training with a critical eye for design to make extraordinary furniture.

Jeff Johnson Woodworking Studio

Jeff Johnson designs and creates functional, yet artful objects that are both formal and playful.

Rob Hare Furniture Maker

Rob Hare Furniture Maker creates individually designed and hand built furniture with creative vision and bold design in Ulster Park, NY.

Materia Designs

Materia Designs strives to blur the lines between art, design, utility, work and life with their collection of finely crafted furniture and accessories.