Old Klaverack Brewery is a New York State Farm Brewery located in the Town of Claverack just outside of Hudson NY. It is the first brewery in the Town of Claverack in over 100 years! They produce a wide range of beer styles from Klaverack Kream Ale, Spookrock IPA, to Dunbar Stout.

Old Klaverack Brewery Brews:

Spookrock IPA – NEIPA, hazy, juicy, and with a big explosion of citrus & tropical fruit on the nose. This beer is more geared towards hop flavor and aroma than bitterness and aroma.
OG – 1.065, IBU – 41, SRM – 5.6 (Hazy), Alc. 6.1%

Roxbury Hollow – NEDIPA, hazy, juicy, and with a big explosion of over ripe tropical fruit on the nose. Big juicy flavor with a light malt flavor!
IBU – 63, Alc. 8.4%

​Thielman Pale Ale– Light – Medium body, Hazy, Citrusy, lightly juicy
OG – 11.69. IBU – 30. Alc. – 4.5%

Dunbar Stout – Black Beer, malty sweet aroma with hints of roasted coffee, Slight dark chocolate flavor balanced by deep roasted coffee! Drinks dry!
OG – 14.51, IBU – 44, SRM – 45, Alc. – 5.4%

Klaverack Kream – Our lawnmower beer! Easy drinking on a hot day, has a grainy/sweet aroma with a touch of corn.
OG – 1.055, IBU – 14.9, SRM – 3.8, Alc. – 6.1%

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