And-Hof Animals, Sanctuary for Farm Animals + Permaculture is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to the recovery and advocacy of abused and neglected farm animals in Catskill, NY.

The And-Hof family consists of Goats, Sheep, herds of Donkeys, large Pigs, Alpacas, and more- totaling over 300 rescued and rehabilitated animals. And-Hof is open to the public and educates visitors about the food industry’s industrial animal abuse practices, its devastation on the environment, and the principles of Permaculture (a holistic farming system).

The mission begins with giving abused and neglected farm animals a safe and caring home but goes further to create an environment where people, animals, and nature live in balanced co-existence.

Rather than being contained in pens, all of the animals enjoy as much freedom and autonomy as is safe. They are then nurtured so that they follow their instinctual habits and build on that to create a healthier ecosystem:

And-Hof Animals Mission

They maintain the forest with heavy equipment indeed, but not the kind you need a driver’s license for. Goats nourish on the undergrowth of the forest, removing brush and invasive growth that cut the sunlight and shade the forest floor. Their 7 Pig strong rototiller/bulldozer force is most proficient in ground preparation for seeding. With the greatest delight their noses till acres of land, thereby aerating the soil, digging under the nutrient rich top soil layer and in the process kill the roots the Goats overlooked or didn’t get to. Imbedded rocks get dislodged, which saves a lot effort when pulling them out of the ground and collecting them.

Support The Mission

Our animals come here alone, but with your help, they don’t have to stay that way forever. Read more about them and consider making a monthly donation to “adopt” an animal that makes you smile.