Horses For a Change provides a safe haven for abandoned horses where they can be re-educated as school mounts and show horses in order to provide equine assisted therapy for those on the autism spectrum as well as for children, adolescents and adults with mental health needs. They provide an opportunity for disadvantaged youth to learn horse care and riding, in order to build empathy, leadership and appreciation for nature. To assist dedicated riders in pursuing the equine discipline of dressage.

Horses For a Change Programs

Private Lessons
Private lessons are centered around helping you reach your goals, whether that’s achieving a specific skill, honing your existing skills, riding competitively, or just relieving stress.

Competitive Riding
If you’re already an advanced rider, you might be working towards moving up in competition or practicing advanced movements like half pass, canter pirouettes and tempi changes. You will have the opportunity to show in both schooling and rated shows, including Dressage 4 Kids.

Saddle Club After-School Program
The Saddle Club is group riding after school program that provides a great and affordable introduction to horseback riding for young riders ages 6 to 12.

Therapeutic Riding
Whether you’re still a kid or fully grown, if you’re suffering from a mental, physical, or developmental disability, there is no other fun and therapeutic activity that will benefit you in such a holistic way.

Youth Riding Weeks
Does your son or daughter love horses? Why not nurture that love? We offer intensive riding weeks for students under 18 at all experience levels—not just for summer but also for spring and winter breaks.

To make lessons, including our Summer Riding Weeks and our Saddle Club program, accessible to as many folks as possible, we offer need-based scholarships.