The Port Jervis Transportation History Center (PJTHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developing a historic site and public park in Port Jervis, NY. The PJTHC is the nucleus of a collaborative effort between several local non-profit organizations. Under PJTHC, the City-owned historic Erie Railyard and turntable is being turned into an interpretive transportation history exhibit and an asset to the surrounding community. The PJTHC officially opened to the public on Memorial Day weekend of 2022.

The PJTHC will also provide a home for historic vehicles of all kinds (not just railroad vehicles). Displays will include other varied modes of transportation. Working with other local historical societies, groups, and private owners, the PJTHC will be expanded to include automobiles, bicycles, and even boats – essentially any form of locally relevant transportation. Finding storage for these large-scale historic artifacts is always a challenge, and being able to gather them in a single location for proper historic interpretation and public availability will increase the attraction of the PJTHC.

Port Jervis Transportation History Center Equipment Roster:

U.S. Army 18T #7299
Orange & Rockland 25T
Middletown & New Jersey 44T #2
Western Maryland 44T #76

Operation Toy Train caboose #1225
Chessie System caboose #904059
Conrail caboose #21292

Erie Lackawanna coach #1700
Lackawanna dining car #469Lackawanna dining car #469
Erie Lackawanna dining car #741
Erie Lackawanna power car #1785
Ringling Bros. dorm car #42010
Ringling Bros. dorm car #40006
Ringling Bros. horse car #1701