Sweetman’s Farm is a family owned and operated farm located in the Hudson Valley region nestled just outside of the historic village of Warwick NY.

Sweetman’s Farm was the first farm to be preserved in New York State under the statewide farmland protection program. They offer a large selection of farm fresh products which includes grass fed beef, pastured pork, free range eggs and seasonal organic produce. They are able to provide you with the highest quality USDA certified beef and pork – this is because we understand what our animals need to be healthy and happy for good quality meat.

They believe in a simple business model which allows them the ability to keep operating expenses low and pass the cost savings on to customers. At this time they don’t offer shipping options for any of our products.

Grass-Fed Beef Cattle

Angus and black Hereford grass-fed beef cattle are born and raised here on our farm. They are free to roam our lush green fields eating nothing but nutrient rich grass. We maintain a closed herd to make sure that we raise the healthiest livestock. This simply means we don’t buy or borrow stock which prevents the risk of introducing disease. All of the Sweetman’s Farm grass-fed cattle are processed at the same USDA certified facility. The beef is dry aged for 21 days which is an important process for tenderizing the beef . The beef is then cut and carefully vacuum sealed. Vacuum packaging protects the beef from bacteria and extends the storage life expectancy of the meat. The vacuum sealing process uses only BPA free packaging.

Pastured Heritage Pork

Our pigs enjoy our pastures eating a variety of things which consist of the following: grass, clover, plant roots, broad leaf plants, and even thistles. We never use antibiotics or growth hormones on our pigs. This ensures that we are providing our customers with the healthiest pastured pork. All of our animals are born and raised on the farm. Heritage breeds are better adapted for living in open pastures and are resistant to disease. They are low maintenance and are able to thrive in lower temperatures. Heritage breeds have a higher marbling score which gives it additional flavor and juices