Montgomery Pottery is located in Webatuck Craft Village, which was founded in 1747 and set on the 10 Mile River a few miles from the Appalachian trail. The village has only a few shops, but still has many great old buildings, including an old copper knocker shop.

The Montgomery Pottery Studio features decorative and functional stoneware, Raku, Pit-fired and horse hair pottery. Classes and workshops are also offered.

Weekly classes are all levels and include wheel and hand building techniques. Decorating and glazing are also covered. Three stoneware clay bodies are available, brown, speckled brown and white. Firing is cone 10 reduction & occur for 3 seasons, glaze firing is not available in winter. Pieces made during the winter months may be glazed in spring, whether or not you are still enrolled . Workshops for raku, pit and horse hair firings are also available.