The Arts & Clay Company is dedicated to the renaissance of the arts and crafts movement in America. While new mass-production methods of the early 20th century allowed for economically produced goods, they also had the effect of diminishing the workers’ connection with the products they were creating. The American arts and crafts movement sought to restore to the workers a sense of pride in their work by giving back to them creative control from start to finish.


Art Accardi — Potter
In 1996 I retired from the graphic arts industry and traded city life for a more peaceful country life in upstate New York. A devoted collector of American art pottery, I soon began buying and selling ceramics. With the prices of the most sought-after pieces becoming out of reach for many of my customers, the idea of creating similar art pottery at affordable prices became my new project. With no formal training in ceramics but familiar with various art techniques I set out to learn a new skill. After much trial and error and invaluable support from accomplished potters in the area, I created the Arts & Clay Company to represent this new derivative product. Now after 15 years I am still learning and expanding on my original mandate with a more personal creative style.