The Alpine Pork Store was established in 1973 and has served the Catskill Mountain region for over 35 years. The Flammer family has worked hard to bring the finest quality meats and import goods to its customers in the Catskill Mountains.

Homemade favorites include old world and German specialty items, an assortment or wursts, salami, schinkens, and fresh cut pork and beef.

Products From Alpine Pork Store

Homemade German Favorites
Bratwurst – Weisswurst
Bauernwurst – Knockwurst
Seitenwurst – Krainerwurst
Fresh & Smoked Kielbasa

Cold Cuts
Homemade Bologna
Gelbwurst – Beerwurst
Krakauer – Jaegerwurst

Cervelet with or w/o garlic
Touristenwurst – Landjaeger

Homemade Old Fashioned Boiled Ham
Black Forest – Westphalian
Nuss Schincken

Old World German Specialties
Blood & tongue
Head cheese – Suelze
Double smoked bacon
Debreziner – Pinkelwurst
Kassler Ripchen

Homemade Liverwurst
Gold Medal Liverwurst (fine)
Goose Liverwurst (fine)
Calves Liverwurst (coarse)
Kassler Liverwurst (coarse)

Imported Cheese
Cambozola – Domestic
Havarti – Butter Kase
Camembert – Swiss
American – Muenster

Homemade Salads
German Potato Salad

Fresh cut pork and beef to order
-Holiday Roasts


Exclusive German Specialties
18 varieties Herring
6 varieties Sauerkraut
12 varieties Mustard
Potato dumpling mix
Soup, seasonings, gravy mixes