Barthel’s Farm is a family farm with a farm market and creamery outside of Ellenville NY. The farm market offerings include All Natural Fruit Spreads, Pickled Vegetable, Maple Syrup, Organic Pasta, Honey and Local Cheese.

Selections From The Farm Market:

All Natural Fruit Spreads
Strawberry Rhubarb Spread
Double Berry Spread
Cherry Spread
Red Raspberry Spread

Pickled Vegetables
Hot & Sweet Bread & Butter Pickles
Bread & Butter Pickles
Bread & Butter Pickles
Beet Pickles
Pickled Okra
Pickled Asparagus
Baby Dills
Dilly Beans
Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives
Garlic Stuffed Olives

Organic Pasta
Einkorn Macaroni
Whole Grain Spaccatelli
Whole Grain Radiators
Whole Grain Reginetti
Beet Fusilli

Local Cheese
Smoked Mozzarella
Fresh Mozzarella
Extra Sharp Cheddar
Cheddar and Pepperoni
Horseradish Cheddar
Hickory Smoked Cheese

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