New York Beef Company was founded with two goals in mind: to raise cattle that yield the finest, most succulent cuts of beef available and to produce some of the healthiest food anyone can eat.

Our 100 percent grass-fed, all-natural beef is incredibly flavorful and exceptionally tender. Our rigorous protocols for grass farming and finishing beef also yield significant health benefits. The end result is the finest, healthiest, safest beef you can buy.

All beef will be shipped frozen in specially designed insulated containers. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. We ship via UPS, which offers sophisticated online and telephone tracking information to help ensure that your order reaches you on time and in good condition. Shipping cost is determined by the weight of the total order and its packaging.

The old-fashioned dry aging process requires very precise timing. By aging each cut to the ideal point and then freezing it, you can get tender, perfectly aged meat when you want it.

Cuts From New York Beef Company:</h2

Beef Brisket 10-12 lbs
Beef Brisket 6 lbs
Eye Round Roast 3 lbs.
Porterhouse Steaks 24 oz
Bone in Rib Steaks – 24 oz
Oxtail 3.5 lb.
Ranch Steak 2-10 oz.

Stew Beef 2 lbs.
Boneless Sirloin Steak
Beef Patties 2 lb Box
Ground Beef 2 lb.
Shoulder London Broil 12 oz
Skirt steak