Garden Large offers naturalistic landscape design and installation since 1984. Specializing in native plants and whole property residential gardens from New York’s Hudson River Valley to Boston.

We grow many of the plants we use for our landscape design projects. We’ve assembled communities of native plants – and other favorites – which enjoy local conditions. Our shrubs and trees have natural outlines. They don’t have the “shorn” look of commercial nurseries.

About Duncan Brine

Duncan Brine, Princeton ‘79, is a principal landscape designer at GardenLarge and a landscape design instructor at the New York Botanical Garden.

“Mr. Brine calls it “structured naturalism.” And it is, of course. But there is also drama at play here: The plants have been given unexpected roles, in unusual places, and the delight comes in seeing what they will do on this ever-changing stage.”

“Mr. Brine shapes a landscape as a filmmaker would a story, conceiving it as an unfolding narrative, he said, “only discovered by moving through space.” With a cameraman’s eye, he knows how to take the evocative long view of a wild black locust grove against the marsh, for example, as well as the close-up. He sees how one plant influences the shape or color of another in its proximity, with its shade or by leaning this way or that.”

– The New York Times, Anne Raver