Moonshadow Puli has always been quality versus quantity, and each litter is carefully planned to provide soundness in mind and body, while retaining the unique qualities that make the Puli breed so special.

We have been blessed with good fortune thru the years and experienced good success in the show ring with more than 64 homebred AKC champions and obedience titled dogs; multiple Best in Show dogs and Puli Club of America National Specialty wins.

We have also placed puppies in some of the best Puli homes overseas, where they too have achieved great success. Above all, and most importantly – many of our puppies have gone to loving homes where they have been cherished and brought the joy, enthusiasm, and happiness that only a Puli can bring to their family.

We have strived thru the years to “not breed often, but to always breed well,” and always with the intention that each successive litter is just a little better than the one before it. All of our dogs are health tested for hips, patella, elbows, eyes and DM (degenerative myelopathy). All puppies have their eyes checked by a board certified canine ophthalmologist before leaving our home.