Founded in 2019, the Garnerville Kosher Grill is the premier kosher Korean grill in upstate NY.

Featuring classic burgers, delicious steaks, and traditional Korean dishes, a visit to the Grill is sure to be a truly breathtaking experience.

Located in Garnerville just five minutes from Route 306, the Garnerville Kosher Grill is a must-visit spot to enjoy the delicious fusion of kosher and Korean foods.


Selections From The Garnerville Kosher Grill Menu:

Mushroom Steak – Portobello mushrooms marinated in soy sauce with chopped steak on top.
Salmon Steak – Broiled salmon with teriyaki sauce
Galbi BBQ- Short rib with bones marinated in soy sauce.
Bulgogi – Thin sliced beef loin marinated in soy sauce with onion, pepper, and carrots.
Japchae – Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables and beef special soy sauce (Carrots, onions, red & green peppers, beef, mushrooms, and chives)
Avacado Bibimbab – Bowl of steamed quinoa w/fresh vegetable chickpeas wasabi dressing
Tangsuyuk – Deep-fried beef sirloin .onion, cucumber, carrot sweet and sour soysauce
Suntofu jjigue – Soft bean curd ,green onion, chilioil, garlic
The Mushroom Onion Hamburger – 8oz burger, sautéed mushrooms ,onions, and pickles. Garlic mayo sauce and homemade hamburger sauce
Tofu Burger – ChopTofu, onion,carrot,mushroom T/L. Garlic mayo sauce and homemade hamburger sauce
Galbi Burger – Minced, seasoned&grilled beef ribs L/T Garlic mayo sauce and homemade hamburger sauce
Philly Steak – Cut steak sautéed pepper, onion, and mushroom on a baguette or a pretzel baguette.
Grilled Chicken Breast – L/T onion on a pretzel roll or sesame bun.
Roast Beef – Oven Roasted beef Brisket with Pickle and crispy onion on a baguette or pretzel baguette.
Col Pop – Big handful, Special frie mix flour and clean oil Choice of one sauce. Soy garlic Spicy soy garlic Honey garlic Sweet&chili