Crafty ‘Cue BBQ Food Truck specializes in authentic, pit-smoked meats prepared with the traditional Southern techniques of smoking; incorporating that into a variety of flavor profiles that represent the many styles of American Barbecue.

While they believe that certain things should remain true to what is considered traditional, Crafty ‘Cue also believes that boundaries can be pushed; especially in New York, where an open mindedness surrounding food is more widely adapted.

They’ve taken all the elements that make barbecue, such as meat, smoke, rubs, sauces and glazes and folded them into their own style that represents different regions of American Barbecue.

Crafty Frites Food Truck

Crafty Frites Burger & Fry Truck is the newest member of the Crafty Brand. The specialty is serving high quality French fries in a cone with a large variety of homemade dipping sauces. Crafty Frites also serves topped french fries such as classic Canadian poutine, cheese fries, chili cheese fries and Smash Burgers, Grilled Hot Dogs, Homestyle Chicken Tenders.

Book A Party

We offer 2 different menus for parties that both include our truck. Our Vending menu and our Catering menu. The vending menu highlights our creative sandwich options and is more of what you’d see from us at a festival. Our Catering menu focuses on the meats. Both are great options depending on the feel of your party.

Selections From The Crafty ‘Cue BBQ Menu: