Maura’s Kitchen is a Latin bistro with a homey cafe vibe and a variety of daily specials ranging from stews and roast pork to various styles of rice and beans straight from Peruvian owner, Maura.

Maura’s Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant that brings you the delicious flavors of Peru through its Pollo a la Brasa and coastal favorites, Ceviche and Jalea. If you prefer the convenience of take-out, choose from single or family-style size orders and plenty of homemade hot sauce to bring home and share with your family.


Selections from the Maura’s Kitchen Menu:

  • Camarones a la Piedra – Jumbo Shrimp on Yuca Mash w/Aji Amarillo Reduction
  • Yuca Fries – Crispy Yuca sticks served w/ savory red pepper aioli
  • Clam Bake – Steamed Littleneck Clams in a Chicha de Jora (Peruvian Corn Wine) Broth Served with fingerling potatoes
  • Ceviche Avocada – Tilapia marinated in lime juice & Rocoto with Avocado in Olive Oil, Choclo and sweet potato
  • Chaufa – Peruvian Fried Rice w/ cabbage, red pepper, & scallions
  • Macho Shrimp Pasta – Fettuccine pasta with Jumbo Shrimp in a spicy red sauce
  • Chicken Bites – Crunchy Boneless Chicken Breast in a Hot ‘n’ Honey (Aji Panca) Sauce