Off The Hook Fresh Fish & Chips serves the fried fish of the American South along with an assortment of homemade sides that include candied yams, cole slaw, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and black eyed peas. Their signature fish batter is unique, light and flavorful.

If you’re fry-phobic, we have steamed or grilled options, and if you’re not a fish fan, chicken strips, chicken wings or Jerk Chicken are available, too, but the raison d’etre of our establishment is very fresh fish dredged in seasoned flour then carefully fried to order and served with fries. The fish – choices include whiting, tilapia, red snapper, shrimp and catfish – ends up moist and delicately textured. And you’re eating all fish – not half fish, half crispy batter.

A Off The Hook Fresh Fish & Chips secret weapon: Our whiting fish is fresh, never frozen. In fact, if you order porgie, it may have been caught by one of our owners. If you come visit us, be prepared to taste the best Fried Fish in Rockland County.

Please bring a hearty appetite and/or some friends and family, because our portions are shockingly generous. When our menu says that an order of the original fish and chips contains four pieces of fish, it means you’ll find four sizable fillets atop your fries. To be more precise, our fish completely fills the container that at first you may think that we have forgotten the fries, but no, they are there, playing a supporting role, hidden beneath all our fish.