Samantha Lauren Photographie offers wedding and engagement photography with a unique and refreshing approach. Samantha Lauren describes her photographic style as an intuitive creator.

“I look for moments and feeling. I’m not really all that fancy, I don’t offer gimmicks. I’m just a normal wedding photographer. I love taking beautiful pictures. I chase the moments, I chase the light. I want you to feel beautiful when you’re in front of my camera and to remember feeling beautiful and in love when you see the images. I want your images to hang on your walls, and of the walls of your children.

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there- and i mean a lot A LOT, and there’s definitely someone for everyone. So if my images resonate with you, if there is anything about my work that moves you inside in a deep part of your being even just the smallest bit, I can’t wait to hear from you.”