Kaskazini Kitchen has been preparing raw food menus for dogs and cats for a considerable period of time. Finally, after many requests, we have decided to start producing a small range of specially designed raw food meals for cats and dogs. We have been very careful to produce a variety of menu’s that, together, offer a balanced diet of meat, bone and organs with fruit and vegetables.

In our online store you can order a select range of menus for your dogs and cats. We recommend rotating through the menus to give your pets the variety they enjoy as well as the full benefits of raw food.

Kaskazini Kitchen offers a series of menus that offer variety (very important) and balanced nutrition for dogs, puppies and cats. We wanted to keep their food as natural and as authentic as possible to mimic the kind of diet they would have in the wild. This also meant varying the food to give them a balanced diet over time.

We also supplement our menus with a limited range of additional ingredients (wild Alaskan salmon oil, diatomaceous earth, the best kelp available (sourced from Iceland), and a small percentage of vegetables mainly for medicinal holistic reasons. These include pumpkin, kale, apples, garlic and spirulina.

Kaskazini Kitchen Products For Dogs

Beef and Chicken
Whole Sardines
Local Pastured Mutton
Beef & Sardine
Free Range Duck and Blueberry
Beef & Turkey
Pastured Beef and Venison
Celebration Variety Pack
Kaskazini Special Variety Pack
No Chicken Variety Pack
Everyday Variety Pack
Kaskazini Pork
Pastured Local Beef & Blueberry
Rabbit Dinner
Cage Free Chicken & Egg Supreme
Everyday Chicken
Turkey Dinner