The Fresh Air Realty team comes from successful careers in law, finance, business and marketing. While some continue to split their time between Brooklyn and the Catskills, all are fully immersed in the upstate New York culture; connecting with nature and the outdoors, celebrating the farm-to-table lifestyle, and entertaining friends/family.

Real estate in upstate New York, specifically in the Catskills, has been rising for quite some time. In fact, New Yorkers in need of more space and a change of scenery are one of the main price drivers for real estate in this area. As demand for homes in rural areas rises, property inventory in the Catskills and surrounding counties dwindles.

Don’t worry, landing your dream property in the Catskills isn’t unattainable! With proper planning and a savvy realtor, you can submit an aggressive offer and snag your home in the mountains.

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