Scarano Boat Building designs and builds period wood, aluminum, composite, and steel boats, Coast Guard–certified for public transportation and excursions.

Scarano has a reputation for modern wood construction. The business was founded by John Scarano in 1974 and Richard Scarano joined the company in 1984. Scarano Boat has found a niche in the production of replica sailing vessels, and certified passenger vessels with classic styling and appointments.

Scarano works in a wide variety of materials from wood to composites, aluminum, and steel. They’ve been working with carbon fiber and kevlar since the early 1980s and have over a quarter century of experience with composites. This allows them to create and build fast vessels with a combination of excellent strength-to-weight ratios while maintaining high safety standards.

Scarano Services

Power Vessels
Scarano Boat Building has constructed power vessels in wood, steel, aluminum or a combination of those materials in lengths ranging up to 140 feet. We have the capacity to built vessels up to 180 feet or more. Below is a gallery of vessels we have constructed for a wide variety of clients around the United States. Click on a vessel for more information and additional photos.

Sailing Vessels
Over the past 30 years Scarano Boat Building has been designing and building sailing vessels for recreational sailors and commercial operators. Vessels from 21 feet to over 120 feet have been built in a variety of materials.

Historic Replicas
Scarano Boat Building is the premier builder of historic canal boats replicas in the United States. Including the full size replica of the historic schooner America it has four large historic sailing vessel replicas to its name, including Friendship of Salem, which is the largest fully rigged tall ship built in New England in modern times.

Repair & Restorations
Scarano Boat’s experience in design and construction makes us especially adept at providing numerous repair and maintenance services, including: