Obercreek Brewing Company presents a unique experience for beer lovers in the Hudson Valley. Nestled within the certified organic Obercreek Farm, our brewery began brewing and putting beer on the market in late 2017.

Although our beer can occasionally be found on tap at a few accounts within the area, the majority of our beer is packaged in growlers for off premises consumption.

Our vast brewing experience and personal enjoyment of many styles pushes us to offer a diverse range of beers that all measure up to excellence. We use ingredients from our farm, the Hudson Valley, New York State, and around the world to find the perfect companionship of flavors and ingredient expressions.

Obercreek Brewing Company Beers:

Realism (American Blonde – 5.2%)
Creating big flavors from bold ingredients isn’t the only way to produce complexity. We wanted Realism to exemplify this with all of its subtleties. We’ve added a large percentage of wheat to this recipe and let the uncool hops do the talking. Lime custard, ripe peach, adult herbs, and soft flowers.

Obsession (American IPA – 6.8%)
This IPA stems from our ongoing obsession with Mosaic hops. We’ve created a simple platform to let this dynamic hop shine. Simple yet complex, highly drinkable and refreshing. We taste all kinds of orange, ripe melon, berry, and subtle earthy spice.

Simple Math (American IPA – 6.7%)
This IPA is loaded with Galaxy Hops. Undeniably aromatic and flavorful. Soft yet crisp and full of brightness. Pineapple pulp, bright citrus zest, white grapefruit, and a little dank.

Sundial (American IPA – 6.8%)
One of our more recent additions to the lineup.

Color Bars (American Double IPA – 8.6%)
We’ve found a balance in such an enjoyable style. All the right fruits are ripe. Sweet mango, orange pulp, dark grapefruit, melon, white peach, and young pine needles.

Complex Math (American Double IPA – 8.6%)
We took Simple Math and made it, well……complex.

Emergence (Farmhouse Ale / Saison – 6.3%)
Our flagship farmhouse ale fermented with a unique blend of yeasts. This culture produces bright citrus, orchard fruits, ripe tropical fruits, and subtle spice. Pleasantly tart and funky.

French Press (American Stout with coffee – 7.1%)
Brewed with an array of expressive dark malts and coffee beans. This is a very bold but smooth stout. We taste freshly cracked coffee beans, dark cocoa powder, buttered pecans, and dark fruits.

Occasional Beer

Celebrity (American Pale Ale – 5.8%)
We created this beer to celebrate the qualities of a single hop. This American Pale Ale allows us to explore the flavors, aromas, and nuisances that a hop variety has to offer. These explorations often lead to new and exciting recipes that push flavor profiles into new territory. We look forward to sharing these unique and limited batches with you.

Emergence with fruit (Farmhouse Ale / Saison – 6.3%)
We have taken our flagship farmhouse ale and aged it with local Hudson Valley fruit. We allow our house brettanomyces culture to delicately interact with the fruit until the perfect harmony is achieved. These delightful, complex beers exemplify the beauty of fermentation and are released throughout the year in limited batches. Past fruit versions include peaches, pears, plums, black currants, and concord grapes.
Mixed Fermentation Wild Sour

Oude Rouge (Flanders Red – 6%) Collaboration with Kent Falls Brewing Company
Inspired by our favorite Flanders Reds that the Belgians do so well. We provide a delicate and slightly toasted malt backbone for our unique blend of yeast and bacteria to work with. The result is complex. Sour cherry, cranberry balsamic vinegar, tobacco, toast, burnt sugar, and mild funk.

Midnight (American Imperial Stout – 8.7%)
A rich and complex double stout that has had varieties with coffee as well as rye whiskey barrel aged.