Daddy’s Donuts & Bake Shop opened in November 2015 and is a large scale bakery located in Middletown, NY. We are dedicated to quality experiences and exceptional tastes. We aim to create familiar favorites while still experimenting with new and creative baked goods.


Selections From The Daddy’s Donuts & Bake Shop Menu:

  • Oh my Oreo – oreo cream filled, topped with chocolate glaze and a swirl of oreo cream and finished with an oreo
  • Banana Pudding – banana cream filled, topped with vanilla glaze, nilla wafer crumbles, and finished with french cream and a nilla wafer
  • Almond Joy – filled with almond joy cream, topped with chocolate glaze, and finished with coconut and almonds
  • Boston Cream – yeast raised, custard, chocolate glaze
  • Apple Cider – cake donut soaked in apple cider, cinnamon and sugar topping
  • Jelly – yeast raised, jelly, powdered sugar
  • Rolls – hard rolls, heros, subs, dinner rolls, club rolls
  • Pastries – cannoli, puff pastries, tiramisu, tri-color cookies