HUDSY is a video streaming platform that produces and distributes premier content from New York State’s Hudson Valley, celebrating the best docs, live performances, series, and community-generated content throughout the region, as well as their HUDSY Originals.

HUDSY celebrates the Hudson Valley and the talented creatives who call the region home. When we talk about empowering local storytellers and communities, we’re talking about our friends and neighbors. Get in touch to learn more about cooperatively-owned video streaming platform, and our homegrown values.


We’re working to empower community storytellers to make compelling, innovative, and important films and videos about life here and deliver them to you on the HUDSY app, launching in early 2022.

HUDSY’s team and digital streaming platform is a non-traditional business, cooperatively owned and brought to you by a small group of locals dedicated to protecting and celebrating the Hudson Valley’s talent, diversity, recreational offerings, and culture.

There’s no reason the Hudson Valley can’t be well-known for a sweeping creative movement that offers a more equitable future for local artists.

Transforming Equity In The Arts

HUDSY believes that filmmakers and creatives shouldn’t have to leave the Hudson Valley or tackle jobs outside of their wheelhouse to make a living. In addition to our HUDSY app launching in early 2022, we have created an apprenticeship program for motivated filmmakers to enter into a part-time, non-traditional learning experience that will prepare them for success in media production over the course of a year.

Community Content Fund

It has always been a goal at HUDSY to provide direct access to capital for filmmakers to bring local stories to life. As filmmakers ourselves, we know how hard it is to get passion projects off the ground, and we want to help provide a supportive way forward.

The Community Content Fund is HUDSY’s first step in that direction.

The local media landscape is changing, and there are fewer and fewer resources going toward telling our stories. HUDSY believes in reinvesting in our region’s most meaningful stories — together we can build a robust Hudson Valley-based creative economy, ensuring that artists in our communities are paid for their work.

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